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I am a certified Fear Free handler and have a Dip. FBST, with a Mastery designation in Behavior Science from Companion Animal Science Institute.


I had been a cat sitter in NYC for many years, but once I heard that behavioral issues and subsequent relinquishment to shelters are the #1 killer of cats, I decided to focus on behavior consultations to try to keep cats in their homes. 


I use the same exceptional care for cats I learned as a sitter, coupled with the fine points of behavior modification I learned through school. It is my goal to restore harmony to your home and enable you and your fur family to live your best lives.



Feline Behavior Consulting
Does your cat:
  • pee everywhere
  • scratch/hiss/bite/chase 
  • hide
  • destroy your furniture 
  • poop outside of the box
  • meow a lot
  • ...all of the above?
I'd love to work with them, and you, to figure out why and how to work together to find a solution.
Disclaimer: there is no magic wand to wave and fix the issues you are facing.  What I can promise however, is that with some work on both of your parts you will get a better understanding of why the problem exists as well as how to best approach and resolve the issues.
Rate: $50/hour for consultations and follow-up.
Please contact me for more info. 
Please note, due to COVID-19, all consultations will be conducted virtually. Stay safe!!!


Due to COVID-19, all consultations will be conducted virtually (via Facetime, Zoom, Skype, What's App...or the phone).




Certified Fear Free Professional

Insured through PSA

Companion Animal Science Institute, Dip. FBST,  Mastery Designation

Behavior Consultant for:
Ladew Cat Sanctuary, Anjellicle Cat Rescue, PAWS NY


Member of:


I have always had a love of cats, likely inspired by my Grandma. She had a farm in rural Minnesota and I'd visit every summer. One year, there was a litter of kittens and I really took to one of them, an orange & white girl who, because she opened her eyes first, I named Bloomer (because she was an early bloomer).

When I moved to NYC in 1997, my first cat as an adult came in the form of a rescue we named Xena. She had lived with some...rough...neighbors and kept visiting us to escape. We gladly took her in when we moved.


I have had the pleasure of spending my life with several other cats since then and have dealt with just about every issue there is, from kidney failure to anemia to stomach cancer. It is never easy, but my husband and I gave them a lot of love until they decided it was their time.


My real passion for cat care started when I formally became a professional "crazy cat lady" (aka sitter). I learned how to administer just about every medicine there is, from insulin to fluids to pills to liquid- even an inhaler! 


In that time, I also encountered all of the cat personalities and issues I am now working to help families with: aggression, shyness, litter box issues, introducing new family members. 

I am the on-site behavior consultant for Ladew Cat Sanctuary, and work with Anjellicle Cat Rescue & PAWS NY to help their clients & fosters with behavioral issues.

I am passionate about FIV. We currently have two FIV and one non-FIV cats in our home. I have learned from experience the stigma the virus carries with it, and can say a lot of it is myth. Not one of our non-FIV cats, current or past, has ever developed the virus after many years of living together. Please contact me if you are considering adopting an FIV cat & would like more information or click here.


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